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Rental Application and Policies

         Rental Application Policies and Procedures

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Thank you for your interest in securing one of our rentals. Below are the policies and procedures followed by our office. Any questions, contact our office during business hours of 9:00AM-5:00PM Monday - Friday.


APPLICATION FEE: Each potential occupant and lease signer, age 18 or older must submit a separate completed and signed application, a copy of their driver’s license and a non-refundable processing fee of $60 per application/person. The application will be submitted for a criminal background check and verification of past and present landlords and employers. The application process usually takes one to three days to complete. Please include your email address and telephone number on your application and a completed rental inquiry form.




The holding fee, security deposit, first month’s rent, and any pet fee required must be paid with separate money orders or cashiers checks (we do not accept personal checks). No out-of-state checks will be accepted for payment of the rent. After the first month rental we will accept a personal check drawn on a local bank.


CREDIT CARD PAYMENTS:  We can accept credit card payments through SQUARE, a third-party system.  SQUARE charges a 4% carry charge/processing fee that is added to the amount due.  This processing fee is not refundable.  Payments accepted through SQUARE that may later need to be refunded, will be refunded with our company check after the charges have been processed by our bank.


HOLDING FEE / SECURITY DEPOSIT: To ensure that the apartment or house is held for you during the application process and that you are in first position for the unit, you will need to submit a $500 holding fee (MONEY ORDER or CASHIER’S CHECK), made out to Jeanette Syprzak). The holding fee will hold the unit for 3-5 business days while we process your application. The full security deposit is due within 7 days of our notification to you of acceptance as a tenant. The holding fee will be credited toward the required security deposit; usually 1 1/2 month’s rent. Additional security deposit is required if the tenant occupying the premises has insufficient employment or does not have verifiable income or the tenant is a student. The holding fee is non-refundable. If you choose not to pay a holding fee, we will not guarantee that the apartment or house will be available during or after the processing of your application. We will continue to show the unit and to accept other applicants. If the balance of the security deposit is not received by the office within 7 days of notifying you of acceptance, we will continue to show the property and to accept other applicants.

If you send funds to our office by FedEx or postal service, there is a $35 charge to the applicant if someone from our office is required to go to the post office to retrieve a delivery, be sure to indicate no signature receipt required, as we do not have regular office hours and cannot always sign for deliveries. 


VERBAL LEASE: When the holding fee is paid we will let all other applicants know that a holding fee has been paid and that the applicant has a verbal lease agreement for the rental. Should the applicant choose not to lease the rental any time after the holding fee has been paid the applicant will waive all rights to a refund. The fee will be used for administrative charges, rental ads, and any lost rent due to the breach of the verbal lease agreement.  


PETS: Every applicant in possession of a pet must complete a pet application and pay a non-refundable pet fee prior to move-in. Indoor cats are allowed at most properties and require $100 per cat or other pet (2 pet maximum). Dogs are only allowed at specific properties and require a $200 per dog fee (2 pet maximum). Dogs that are vicious or problematic or exhibit excessive barking will be not allowed and we reserve the right to limit the breed and weight and to request removal within 48 hours after notification by the office. No pet sitting is allowed at any property. An additional pet-rent may be charged.